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The Flaming Humidifier

The Flaming Humidifier

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This humidifier atomizes water and oil through ultrasonic vibrations, making perfect vapor that preserves the oils' properties.

🔥  Feel relaxed & healing near a fireplace with this diffuser at night.

🌜 The diffuser creates a calming, sleep-inducing “vapor sound.”

✅ Just focus on your stuff, no worry about the humidifier. It will stop working once the water runs out which keeps fire away and protects your family.

🎁 A great gift for friends & family, this diffuser provides relief from dry air & pleasant fragrance for office, gym, spa & home. Just add a few drops of essential oil.

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"It works very well, it removes fluff from my legs that the blade does not take away from me, since they are very fine hairs."

Susan H. - Verified Buyer


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